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The Planter's Helper

The Planter's Helper is the helper planters need to protect against severe weather conditions, such as drought and hard rains, while maintaining a warm and moist environment that plants thrive on. Grow beautiful flowers, fruit, and vegetables. Perfect for patio homes, decks, porches, or balconies, almost anywhere you choose. Spend less time working and more time enjoying.

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Most all plants thrive on the abundance of sunlight and tropical conditions. Using the Planter's Helper in conjunction with a pot or bucket, you can create your own tropical paradise. Once the Planter's Helper is filled with water, it slowly drains the water down to the roots where it is needed. When the Planter's Helper is exposed to rain, the automatic rain gauge collects water, closing off the water supply to the plant. Reducing the risk of over watering. When the rain stops, water in the automatic rain gauge evaporates, opening up the water supply to your plant once again. If your plant will be unattended for a few days, fill

both automatic rain gauges and the Planter's Helper with water, thus allowing automatic watering to take place while you are away. Plant food can be added if desired. You can stake your tall plants through the square stake openings in the Planter's Helper.

*The Planter's Helper will fit most any 2 1/2 to 5 gallon bucket. Choose a bucket that is light in color as to not overheat the soil.


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